Vitamins That Increase Seminal Fluid: How To Increase Sperm Volume Naturally

Whether you just want to feel more masculine or increase your chances of conceiving, there are natural ways and vitamins that increase seminal fluid.

If you want to know how to produce more seminal fluid to increase the quality, quantity and pleasure of sex, read on. In this article you will find vitamins that increase seminal fluid and golden tips to maximize the power of your seminal charges.

But why would you want to increase semen production?

Vitamins That Increase Seminal Fluid

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates a normal volume of ejaculate from 3.7 ml, or roughly 3/4 of a teaspoon. The values above or below this normal volume do not indicate alterations affecting fertility.

However, if you are product 1.5 ml or less, you might need further evaluation.

On the other hand, many men feel the need to ejaculate more by wanting to have an explosive and powerful sex. Higher volume of semen means more intensity in orgasm and greater sexual pleasure.

Others simply seek to improve the quantity of sperm for greater fertility, and even improve the quality and motility of it. Whatever the reason you need to produce more semen, I assure you that these methods below are effective and easy to do.

But before we proceed, let us first discuss what factors may affect the production of sperm.

6 Factors That Affects Sperm Production

Many factors can affect the amount of semen you produce in ejaculation. Some can not be avoided, but others definitely do. Here is a list of some of the factors that can affect ejaculation:


Although there are ways and vitamins that increase seminal fluid, the fact is that genetics play a significant role in how much sperm you can produce.


As men age, semen levels begin to decline. This usually happens around the age of 50 years. The best time in a man’s life for sperm production is between the ages of 20 and 30’s.

Nutrition and Hydration

Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, and keeping a healthy one is a very important factor for optimum sperm production.

Excitation Level

The level of arousal is obtained before ejaculation and can have a great effect on the amount of ejaculation that occurs.

Time between Ejaculations

Leaving enough time between ejaculations will help ensure that every load of semen is ejaculated to its full potential. Some suggest that this time period is one day, although others suggest that it can take up to seven days after ejaculation.

Lifestyle Decisions

Your lifestyle choices can cover exercise, diet, weight, smoking, drinking, and so on. You might need to change some of these lifestyle decisions in order to improve your semen volume. More about this will be discussed below.

3 Ways to Increase Seminal Fluid

There are three popular ways to increase the amount of semen and produce more sperm.

  1. Drinking plenty of fluids
  2. Eating foods rich in vitamins that increase seminal fluid
  3. Supplementation

We will discuss these 3 simple and totally natural ways with which you can increase seminal fluid and sperm production below.

Drinking Lots Of Liquid

This may sound a bit obvious, but it is very important if you want to produce more sperm. Being hydrated is essential to have a healthy and fully functioning body.

The more hydrated your body is, the more semen it will produce, and similarly a dehydrated body will lead to a decrease in semen. At least 8 glasses of water should be consumed daily to maintain a good amount of seminal fluid.

Include In Your Diet Vitamins That Increase Seminal Fluid

The essential fatty acids Omega 3 and the mineral Zinc are essential for the healthy production of hormones in your body like testosterone. The sources of Omega 3 are: beans, legumes such as lentils, walnuts, olives and olive oil.

Zinc can be obtained from eating high protein foods such as beef, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, crab meat, lobster, clams and salmon.

Vitamins That Increase Seminal Fluid 2

However, if you don’t eat meat, you can get vitamins that increase seminal fluid from dairy products such as milk and cheese, peanuts, beans, whole grains, brown rice, brown bread, potatoes, yogurt and pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds contain the most Zinc from among all vegetarian options. Including the most of these zinc-rich foods in your diet will ensure greater and better sperm production.

Research has shown that soy products like soy milk and soy protein can mimic the female hormone called estrogen. A little of this probably will not hurt, but if you are a vegetarian and consume this as your main source of protein, do not be surprised if your semen volume is low.

On the other hand, eating products high in testosterone will increase your semen volume. Injecting anabolic steroids will do the same. The girls that go out with physical-bodybuilders have told me that these guys shoot tremendous amounts of semen when they consume steroids.

The problem is that once you stop consuming them, your testicles will shrink and your ejaculations will become worse than if you did not consume steroids, that is, you will have pathetic ejaculations. So I do not recommend that way.

Take Natural Supplements

Sperm production can be increased rapidly with the inclusion of certain supplements that will help increase seminal fluid and the volume of ejaculated sperm.

Amino acids such as L-arginine, L-glycine and L-carnitine are essential to maintain a healthy sperm count, and increase blood circulation to the penis that helps a solid erection.

Some herbal supplements can increase up to 500% the volume of semen and increase the sensitivity of your reproductive organs.

There are 2 popular supplements that are proven to increase sperm volume naturally. They are Volume Pills and Semenax. We will discuss this more in detail in the next few paragraphs.

2 Popular Supplements That Increase Sperm Volume

A new school of thought says that it is not the size of the penis that is important, but the amount of ejaculation, which is really important. Following this school of thought, Volume Pills and Semenax are two pills that have taken the lead in the market.

Semenax pills are said to increase the size of a man’s ejaculation, orgasm and pleasure. These pills are made from a natural formula containing a variety of vitamins that increase seminal fluid, including: Sarsaparilla, Hawthorne, vitamin E, zinc oxide, and others.

This formula is said to stimulate male sexual desire, and the entire penis, making it function at its maximum efficiency. Click here to learn more about Semenax.

The Volume Pills, like Semenax, are also made from a natural formula that combines herbs, extracts and vitamins that increase seminal fluid. The formula is different, containing Solidilin, ku gua, ling zhi, Drilizen, and a variety of other ingredients. While the formula may be different, however, the Volume pills say exactly the same results as Semenax does.

The longer and more your intense orgasms are, the greater volume of ejaculation and more pleasure you will get. Click here to learn more about Volume Pills.

Semenax VS Volume Pills

Between the two different sets of pills, there is only a small difference in what they cost.

Semenax prices on its website for a 12 month supply, six month supply and five month supply are listed as $399.95, $289.95 and $244.95 respectively. Prices for the same sources of volume pills are $348.95, $250 and $230. So, in general, Volume Pills are a better buy.

Both Semenax and Volume Pills come with a money back guarantee. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with the results, then go back to the pits, and each company promises that you will return your money.

The Volume Pills ask that you use the product for 90 days and then ask for its return within 180 days of the original purchase. Semenax asks you to try the product for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied, to return within 67 days, leaving only a week opening for the return to claim the money back guarantee.

Semenax and Volume Pills both have testimonials that prove the products work. However, Volume Pills are the only ones that the doctors have backed up. This is part of the reason why Volume Pills advertises themselves as the No. 1 physician recommended semen enhancer, while Semenax makes such an assertion.

Ways Other Than Vitamins That Increase Seminal Fluid


It is known that the amount of sperm produced during ejaculation naturally decreases the more frequently you have intercourse. An effective way to increase the amount of semen without using supplements is to not have intercourse for two or three days.


Edging is the practice of stimulating your partner until it almost reaches orgasm, but slowing down before it experiences the same.

In short, it is about previous games and manual stimulation so that your partner feels more and more excited, but does not exceed the limit feeling the orgasm.

Stimulating your partner for several minutes before proceeding with the act of penetration will increase the intensity of the male orgasm and also the amount of sperm generated during ejaculation.

The same results can be obtained with an extended masturbation session whose goal is to last as long as possible instead of immediately ejaculating.


Regular exercise routines like weight lifting can help raise testosterone levels in your body. It allows blood flow to the penis and increases the production of testosterone. Exercise increases the volume of semen and increases sexual desire.

It is also believed that strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle (PC) through Kegel exercises can increase sperm production as well as extend the duration of ejaculations.

The PC muscle is responsible for the force of ejaculation that men produce. If this muscle is strong, you will be able to exert more vigor at the time of ejaculation.

Although the effect is not prolonged, we all know the benefits that daily exercise can bring to your body, including better sexual performance and energy.

Keep a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is very important to increase the amount of sperm. So, if you want to know the vitamins that increase seminal fluid, start with the proper consumption of certain foods mentioned above to produce more sperm.

What we eat directly affects the function of our body, so does the production of sperm. Be sure to maintain a diet that is high in fiber, whole grains, vitamins, minerals, protein and low in fat.

The addition of large amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants will also help promote the health of your sperm.

What to Avoid


Tobacco abuse, in addition to the already known problems that can cause long-term health, can also affect sperm production and fertility.

Smoking reduces sperm count up to 22%. This directly affects the production of seminal fluid. This is believed to be due to a protein imbalance caused by smoking.

If you have smoking problems, this program can help.

Too Much Stress

Stress is bad in every way, and to get sperm gain is no exception. Stress can lead to many health implications, and stress hormones can affect the body’s production of testosterone, which plays a key role in sperm production.

Avoid Inappropriate Underwear and Clothing

Avoid wearing tight underwear and tight pants. This will help reduce pressure around the genitals and keep them cool. The ideal temperature for the testicles is slightly lower than the normal body temperature.

Trousers too tight will increase the temperature of the scrotum area, which reduces the amount of semen and sperm produced with ejaculation.


In this article, we have shared several natural ways you can increase your semen. Increasing semen will bring you and your partner a different fulfillment during sexual intercourse.

However, all your efforts or money will be wasted if you do not stay hydrated! Forget canned drinks or soft drinks. It is best to drink plenty of water and take natural juices from fruits and vegetables made by yourself.

In addition, reduce your habits of smoking and ingestion of alcoholic beverages.

You do not have to worry if your semen is low. If you follow our advice and take these vitamins that increase seminal fluid, you will surely ejaculate larger amounts of semen.

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