3 Horrible Smoking Effects On Skin

Did you know that your face will look old faster by smoking? The British physician Douglas Model has pointed smoking effects on skin in 1985. He claimed that doctors can see someone’s face whether he or she smokes. He spoke of a smoking face.

3 Horrible Smoking Effects On Skin

Is his claim true? And if it is true, is the effect still reversible? Will your skin look younger again after quitting smoking?

What Is A Smoker’s Face?

The characteristics of a smoker’s face is in accordance with Douglas Model:

Smoking Effects On Skin
  • crow’s feet, lines, or wrinkles in the cheeks and around the mouth
  • hollow eyes, with sometimes slightly sunken cheeks and tanned facial expression
  • a light gray, orange, purple or red complexion

Smoking Effects On Skin

The skin is influenced by smoke in multiple ways. First you get the smoke from your cigarette in your face. Some substances in the smoke dries out the skin.

The nicotine in cigarette smoke allows for narrowing of the blood vessels making the blood circulation of the skin is less good, and less nutrients enter the skin. Furthermore, the carbon monoxide in cigarette creates poorer transport of oxygen through the blood.

In addition to that, different fibers in your face do not normally ensure a smooth and elastic skin. Therefore, creating more wrinkles and crow’s feet on your face.

Is Aging Really Caused By Smoking?

The strongest evidence for the aging effect of smoking comes from so-called twin studies. In here, the twins were studied, one had smoked and the other had never smoked. See the example picture.


According to the researchers, after 10 years of smoking, the facial feature of the smoker made her look 2.5 years older than her twin. Therefore, after smoking for 40 years, expect that you will look 10 years older than your real age.

There were also indications that people who smoked were more susceptible to sunburn compared to those who had never smoked. This could mean that the skin loses its ability to protect itself or to repair the damage.

Researchers from the English Staffordshire University demonstrated with computer program, the consequences for your skin if you continue smoking.

Female smokers could see how their faces would look like if they continued smoking. Two thirds of the women in the survey said they want to stop smoking immediately.

Will The Skin Get Healthier By Quitting?

Yes, your skin will definitely be healthier. After only a few weeks, the first effects are visible. The surroundings are often noticeable by comments like “You look good!” Or “Had you been on a holiday?” The improved blood flow gives a fresher color. Your skin will also become smoother.

As additional motivation in order to maintain quitting smoking, we give our clients the same advise: Take a picture just before you stop smoking and roughly a month later. And you will see a BIG difference!

Do You Need Professional Help?

Did you know that professional treatment increases the chances of permanently quitting smoking? Do not wait until its too late! Check out our recommended guide to quit smoking for good!