Old School New Body: Best Weight Loss Exercise Program For Men and Women Over 40

Old School New Body is a weight loss and fitness program created by Steve and Becky Holman, together with John Rowley to help men and women age 35 years old and above, achieve a youthful body through their popular F4x method and some changes in their eating habits and general lifestyle.

This article is the most complete (almost revealing) Old School New Body Review that you can find in the Internet. Read on if you want to learn more about this program.

What is Old School New Body?

Old School New Body is a youth-enhancing, body-shaping system created for men and women over the age 35.

It revolves around the method called Focus-4 Exercise, otherwise known as F4X, which is a 90 minutes per week protocol, specifically designed for the older person to look young, build muscle and improve their cardiovascular system.

The main Old School New Body PDF contains 101 pages divided into 14 chapters. I’ll discuss what each chapter talks about later on in this review.

It contains colored pictures and texts demonstrating and explaining how to do each exercise and shares information about healthy diet and lifestyle changes that you must also do in order to become successful with the program.

Old School New Body Download consists of the main PDF guide and also these bonus ebooks:

  • Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets – a special report to get leaner and how to do it faster.
  • Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets – also a special report to gain lean muscle quicker.
  • Paleo Desserts – a delicious treats and sweets without the guilt ebook created by Nikki Young, Steve and Becky Holman.
  • F4X Quick Start Workout Guide – a pdf guide which summarises everything that you will find in the main book.
  • Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets – a special report on how to achieve greater intimacy and youthful vigour at any age.
  • Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets – also a special report discussing simple steps to a more energetic, healthy and happy life.

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About Steve Holman, Becky Holman and John Rowley

Steve and Becky Holman

Let us start first with Steve Holman. Steve is the editor-in-chief of Iron Man Magazine for more than 25 years. He has written more than 20 books on bodybuilding, weight training and nutrition, and has also wrote hundreds of articles about building muscle and burning fat.

He has also interviewed many legendary physique stars including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Platz, Cory Evenson and Lee Labrada. According to the book, he started weight training at the age of 15 as a skinny 119-pounder and has been training for more than 35 years.

Becky Holman is the wife of Steve. They have been married for more than 27 years. She is a regular contributor of nutrition-based items in Iron Man Magazine.

According to the ebook, she has been training ever since on and off for more than 20 years, but she lapsed in her 30s while raising their two daughters. In her 40’s, she became fed up with her overweight appearance and made a radical physical transformation in only a few months.

The couple developed the F4X Training System, a great cardiovascular workout system created for men and women, that can be done in a matter of few minutes a day to achieve the ideal body and keep it forever without the need of any expensive gym equipment.

You will find out more about this later.

Steve and Becky teamed up with John Rowley, a full-time author, speaker, television and radio personality, wellness director for International Sports Science Association and Public Relations Director for Powerhouse Gyms International.

John Rowley

Aside from being partnered with the couple, he also contributes to Martha Stewart Living, Fox News, Smart Money and the Wall Street Journal.

For over 35 years, he has inspired a lot of people making the media call him “America’s Lifestyle Strategist.”

What You Will Learn Inside Old School New Body

In order for you to fully understand what you will learn inside the program, I’d be sharing with you what each chapter talks about in the book briefly without spilling out the whole content for the sake of my support and respect to the authors.

  • Chapter 1 – The F4X System: Turning Fat Into Muscle – discusses what the F4x system is all about and the muscle fibers that you want to target for emphasizing strength and muscle expansion.
  • Chapter 2 – The F4X LEAN Workout: Your 20-Minute Bellyfat Blowtorch – it includes the exercises that you need to do in the beginning so that your muscles will get used to the new stress of weight resistance training that you will learn later on in the next chapters.
  • Chapter 3 – Joint Rejuvenation: Pain-Free Sanity – Here you will learn exercises that will relieve elbow pain, knee pain, back pain and shoulder pain.
  • Chapter 4 – Get Motivated: Promise, Commitment, Change – this chapter gives your motivation a boost through 4 simple steps to create a lifestyle habit.
  • Chapter 5 – F4X Automatic Cardio and the Forgotten Key to Leanness – it shows you how to keep your heart rate up right after your lifting session or how to do cardio on your off days and the reasons and benefits why you should do this.
  • Chapter 6 – Transformation Sensation: Breaking Out of the Chub Club – here is another chapter for motivation where you will find the story of Becky Holman, including her before and after pictures, and also her 10 Old School New Body tips.
  • Chapter 7 – The F4X SHAPE Workout: Lard-to-Hard Blast-Off – A more extensive workout to speed up the process which includes the schedule and the types of exercises needed to achieve a fast fat-to-muscle transformation.
  • Chapter 8 – The F4X All-Dumbbell Workout: Instant At-Home, New-Body Solution – Recommendations about the weight of the dumbbell that you should use and how to use the dumbbells and the recommended dumbbells for your convenience.
  • Chapter 9 – Lean-Machine Diet Facts and Fallacies – It explains how the F4x workout can help you eat carbs without making you fat and some tricks so that you can still eat the foods that you want.
  • Chapter 10 – Eat More, Lose Fat, Build Muscle – This one shows you how to continually provide your body with the elements it needs for building muscle, reviving your metabolism and keeping your blood sugar stable to prevent cravings. It also includes Steve, Becky and John’s daily diet meal plans!
  • Chapter 11 – The Truth About Alcohol: Not Too Bad After All – Includes all the benefits of alcohol as well as when to drink it to lean out fast.
  • Chapter 12 – Your Three Key Fat-to-Muscle Supplements – Shows you a number of recommended supplements that are not mandatory for the success of the program but can speed up results and make eating right more convenient.
  • Chapter 13 – Old School, New Body Q&A – Here you will find a lot of frequently asked questions answered by the authors.
  • Chapter 14 – Advanced Training: The Full-Range BUILD Workout – This chapter is dedicated to those who are interested in a more serious bodybuilding program. It includes a very thorough program that Steve developed with the help of college researchers and other experts when he was in his 20s that took his physique to new heights and he still uses it today in his 50s.

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Who is this Product For?

If you fit on most of these categories, then Old School New Program will work for you.

  • Men and women age 35 years and above. (Although I believe the exercises and diet can also be applicable to people at younger age.)
  • People who are willing to do exercises.
  • Those who can follow and dedicate themselves to workout everyday.
  • People who are not satisfied with the shape of their bodies.
  • Those who are not willing to gain access to the gym but can afford to buy dumbbells and a bench. (You don’t need to buy, but I recommend you to have one for the sake of convenience.)
  • Persons who would like to learn how to eat the food they want without getting fat.
  • Those who can follow an exercise program even without a video. (There are no videos but exercises are illustrated and laid out in a step-by-step manner so you know the posture for each and every set.)

How Does Old School New Body Work?

Like most weight loss and fitness programs, Old School New Body starts out by preparing your body for the more intense workouts later on.

You will be taught how to get all the fat-to-muscle benefits in about 10 minutes per body part with total workouts lasting 30 to 45 minutes.

In the beginning, you’ll be doing a two-set sequence workout for 2 weeks instead of four sets because the goal here is to get your muscles used to the new stress of weight resistance.

You’ll work out three days a week, with only four basic exercises per workout, and only takes less than 30 minutes per session. You will need dumbbells and a bench in some of the exercises found on this phase.

After 3-4 weeks, you will now increase the exercises you’ve learned up to three sets per exercise and push your last set until you can’t get another rep in perfect form.

On week 5, you will add slightly intense workouts (such as deadlifts or bench presses) testosterone boosting exercises to your basic exercises to supercharge your muscle-building process and help you burn fat, bolster your immune system and jack up your libido.

You don’t have to worry about making your own workout routine schedule as the authors have included the best schedule for each exercise, together with the reps and sets for each.

You will get an exercise routine good for 3 days plus complete meal plans that are effective to keep your metabolism stoked and make you carbohydrate count fluctuate automatically.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can actually have 2 options in buying the product. Both of these options have a 60-day money back guarantee. You can get the Old School New Body package for only $20 or you can try it for only $1 for 7 days then pay $21.95 thereafter.

If you would ask me which is the better option, I’d choose the one-time payment of $20. Why? Because when you get to see the contents inside the book, I’m pretty sure that you will love it.

Aside from that, if you purchase it in full price, it means that you are really determined to become fit and look young, and that you are really willing to put it in action. Which goes to the question, is the product worth it?

I’ve reviewed plenty of products in the past, and I’ve even reviewed this product before and published it in another website. A lot of people, mostly 40’s, have bought it and never asked for refund. Which means to me, that this product worked for them.

Aside from that, it does not only contain a very unique exercise that is easy to follow, but also it contains anti-aging, muscle building, paleo recipes and weight loss secrets making it a complete package.

Going back to the question, is Old School New Body worth it? My answer would be YES.

Is Old School New Body Scam?

I usually call a product a scam when the product does not deliver what it claims and there are no scientific evidences to prove that it will work. In the case of this product, I have seen that the workouts found inside the program are doable and can be done even by men and women on their 60s.

I’ve searched some journals to see if what Steve and Becky describes inside the manual are really proven by science.

From one of my researches, I’ve found out that weight lifting and progressive resistance training (these workouts are found inside the book) offers a safe and effective exercise alternative to elderly obese people with diabetes.

These exercises are also said to promote favorable energy balance and reduce visceral fat deposition while counteracting age and disease-related muscle wasting. You can read more about it here.

Going back to the question, is this product a scam? No, it is NOT a scam. Most of the training found inside the guide are proven by science, and does deliver what it claims.

Old School New Body Review: Our Recommendation

This Old School New Body review was written thoroughly to help you understand what this program is all about.

I have shown you that you can achieve an impressive, healthy physique through sensible eating and workout strategies found inside the book.

If you are willing to dedicate yourself to exercise 3x a day for less than an hour, and make some necessary changes in your eating and lifestyle habits, I urge you to get this program.

Remember, you can try out Old School New Body for 7 days for only $1.

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