Cold Sore Free Forever: Best Way To Get Rid of A Cold Sore

While science has yet to prove a cure for herpes virus, Cold Sore Free Forever has come up with a plan to get rid of one of its symptoms naturally and permanently. Hundreds of testimonials have shown positive results and have not had cold sores ever since.

This Cold Sore Free Forever Review will show you what exactly it is all about and how it was able to help hundreds of people get rid of their cold sores for good.

But before we start this review, let us first discuss what you should know about cold sores and what causes its outbreak.

What Causes Cold Sores?

Cold sores, otherwise known as fever blisters, herpes labialis or oral herpes, are painful ulcer-like blisters that occur on or near the lips and nose. These blisters can also be found on the chin, cheeks or fingers. Cold sores rarely appear in the mouth, and if it does, it appears on the roof of the mouth or on the gums.

Best Way To Get Rid of A Cold Sore

The tingling or itching sensation are some of the initial symptoms of herpes labialis. The area of the blister swells with the formation of several small grains and these small blisters can then later break and leave a sore or open wound. These blisters can cause fever, headache or swollen lymph nodes.

Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1). The sores are the final result of the process of virus replication in the body. The period where there is a greater risk of infection is when there are blisters and active rashes. Once in the process of healing, when the scab is formed, the risk is reduced to a minimum.

The main reason for the outbreak of cold sores is because of a weak immune system. They also survive because the level of oxygen in the body is low.

Another point that adds to the causes of cold sore outbreak is that your body may have a low PH. Herpes virus love acidic environment and allows them to thrive and dormant viruses gets the chance to become activated.

Currently there is no definitive cure for HSV, but there are treatments to beat the symptoms and help skin ulcers to heal faster. Cold Sore Free Forever is a great example if you are looking for an easy and natural solution that you can apply from the comfort of home. Let us see what this program is all about.

What is Cold Sore Free Forever?

Cold Sore Free Forever by Derek Shepton is a natural and holistic program to cure cold sores easily and naturally right at the comfort of your own home. It is a step-by-step guide which allows you to heal herpes labialis within 3 days without having to apply over-the-counter creams or prescription drugs.

It is designed for people of all ages and gender, no matter how severe your cold sore symptoms are and no matter how long you have been experiencing this problem.

Cold Sore Free Forever Review

Cold Sore Free Forever PDF contains 82 pages of educational and actionable content, divided into 11 chapters arranged in a logical order. It educates you about the different types of cold sores and how the transmission of virus takes place so you understand better what cold sore really is all about.

This eBook provides you with different natural remedies to get rid of cold sores for good by strengthening your immune system and giving you exercise strategies, dietary advice and lifestyle guidance.

Cold Sore Free Forever eBook has helped hundreds of people get relief from the pain and embarrassment cold sores has given them. Derek Shepton’s goal is to help people end their cold-sore-cure-hunting-game and finally be able to safely and effectively treat their herpes problem and never worry about it coming back again.

You can learn more about Cold Sore Free Forever by clicking here.

Who is Derek Shepton?

Derek Shepton started his journey with Cold Sore Free Forever when he started to defy medical treatments and over-the-counter drugs which only worked for him temporarily. He suffered from cold sores for 12 years and unlike other sufferers who only get outbreaks once or twice a year, he was then having cold sore outbreaks almost every few weeks.

After 7 years of battling with the same condition over and over again, he realized that cold sores have very much affected his social life, love life, work and emotions. When he hit rock bottom, he knew he had to do something to get his cold sores under control. That is when he decided to search for a real solution to get rid of his pain for good.

After a few months of desperately searching for a solution, he finally found an effective cure that is all natural and inexpensive. With this treatment, he was able to get rid of his cold sores for 3 days, and he did not had any outbreak ever since.

Derek Shepton knew he had to help other people who are suffering from the same embarrassment he once experienced. He wanted to share everything he had learned about cold sores and share what he did to get rid of it completely and permanently.

After compiling everything that he had learned and finalizing the step-by-step plan he did to himself, he published his work online to make it available for everyone around the world. He named the book Cold Sore Free Forever, a complete guide to cure cold sores, naturally, inexpensively and easily.

How Does Cold Sore Free Forever Work?

Cold Sore Free Forever begins by educating you about the basics of cold sores and the two different types of virus which can cause these sores. It explains how the virus is being transmitted to our body and how it lives inside our body. The program then proceeds at how you can fight the virus that causes the cold sores.

Since there is still no cure for herpes simplex virus, Derek Shepton explains that the objective of Cold Sore Free Forever is to stop the life cycle of the herpes simplex virus inside our body. The goal is to stop the virus at dormant stage so that your body will no longer experience any outbreak.

how to get rid of cold sore

Cold Sore Free Forever now shares how you can make the virus dormant in your body. It explains how virus loves to stay in a body with high pH levels, oxygen deficiency and weak immunity. Since the objective is to stop the virus at dormant stage, the goal is to alter these conditions so that the virus will sleep and stay dormant as long as possible.

Cold Sore Free Forever then proceeds on teaching you how to get a strong and healthy immune system through getting the right nutrients that destroy and stop the virus from replicating.

Next, you will be taught on how to balance your pH levels and make your body oxygen sufficient through methods that include diet and exercise. Derek Shepton will show you exactly what you need to eat and drink to alkalinize your body and what exercises you need to do to increase your oxygen.

Cold Sore Free Forever also shares the best way to get rid of the blister in 3 days as a short term treatment. The program ends with all the useful tips that was mentioned in the guide. Derek emphasizes on the importance of all these factors in order to completely live your life free from cold sores permanently.

What You Will Get

If you purchase Cold Sore Free Forever from its official website, you will get instant access to the download page with all of these guides:

  • Cold Sore Free Forever – This is the main PDF guide that we have been talking about in this Cold Sore Free Forever Review.
  • Superfoods For Optimum Health – An eBook which talks about chlorella and spirulina and its health and nutritional benefits to your body.
  • The Healing Power of Water – An eBook which will give you the reasons why you should drink more water.
  • 177 Ways To Burn Calories – A weight loss guide that gives you tips on how to burn calories and give you the body you’ve always wanted.
  • Supplementing With Superfoods – An eBook which shows you the best superfoods and why you should add them to your diet.
  • The Seven Secrets of a Good Diet – An eBook which tells you which kind of diets are healthy and necessary to achieve a perfect body without having to sacrifice other nutrients.
  • 43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed – An eBook which separates fact from fiction and answers all your questions regarding nutrition.
  • A Handbook of Health – An eBook which discusses which diet is fundamental for the health and efficiently of the human body.

All of these books are in PDF format which means after your purchase, no physical book will be delivered to you. You can view or print these eBooks with Adobe Reader using your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Cold Sore Free Forever Download

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Pros and Cons


  • It Has Short Term Cure for Cold Sores

Cold Sore Free Forever will show you how you to cure the blister caused by herpes virus at the comfort of your own home. Derek will show you how to do it step-by-step and what ingredients you need to cure your cold sore for approximately three days. This method will heal your blister fast and leave your skin without any marks.

  • It Has Long Term Cure for Cold Sores As Well

Since the outbreaks of cold sore happens when the herpes virus is active, Derek will show you how can make the virus inactive. While there is still no cure for the virus itself, the purpose is to make the virus sleep as long as possible. Through making the virus inactive long-term, you can now be able to prevent future outbreaks.

  • All Methods Are All-Natural

Cold Sore Free Forever will not give you a list of expensive lotions, creams or medications to cure your blisters. Instead, you will rely on natural sources for healing your cold sores and food for getting the nutrients that your body needs.

  • The Methods Are Actionable

The methods found inside the guide are easy to follow. The ingredients found inside the book can all be bought from your local grocery or health store. You do not have to worry because everything is written in a simple and easy to understand language with precise and detailed instructions.

All that is required from you is a little effort and dedication in order to become successful in getting rid of cold sores.

  • It is Affordable

Unlike pills, creams and lotions which may cost hundreds of dollars and only provide you temporary relief, Cold Sore Free Forever is being sold for only $34.97, a price which is very affordable for a lifetime cure. In fact, here is a special link where you can purchase this guide together with its bonuses at $10 OFF.

  • It Is Scientifically Proven

A lot of scientific evidences have shown that you can stop the re-occurrence of cold sores through proper diet and exercise. According to medical experts, with the right nutrients, pH level and boosted immune system, you can make herpes virus dormant as long as you know how to properly eat, exercise and live your life.

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Derek Shepton is confident that his program will work for anyone who is willing to follow it. Because of that, he is giving you the chance to try Cold Sore Free Forever for 60 days risk-free, with money-back guarantee. That means if you are not completely satisfied with the results that this book has given you, you can ask for a full refund by sending him an e-mail.


  • Requires Change in Diet and Lifestyle

Cold Sore Free Forever may not be for you if you are not willing to change your diet and lifestyle. While a short-term cure for cold sore is included in the guide, you can never get rid of future outbreaks forever if you will not follow what Derek asks you to do or eat.

  • Results May Vary

The result will always depend on how severe your current condition is. Other people experience fast results within days, while others with more severe condition gets result for a few more months.

  • Only Available in PDF Format

There is no physical copy of Cold Sore Free Forever. Those who are not fond of reading through their mobile phones, laptops and PCs, may have to get the eBook printed out themselves if they really want a physical copy of the book.

Where to Buy Cold Sore Free Forever?

Cold Sore Free Forever is only available on their official website. If you see this eBook on eBay and amazon, these eBooks are NOT the exact book that Derek Shepton has written and some people might have just written a book and used his book cover.

In addition to that, Cold Sore Free Forever is being sold on ClickBank and Derek offers a 60 days money back guarantee with 7 free bonus guides. After clicking the Add To Cart button, you must be directed to ClickBank’s highly secured order form which should look like the image shown below.

Where To Buy Cold Sore Free Forever

Again, the original price of Cold Sore Free Forever is $34.97. But for a limited time, you can get a copy of this guide together with all the bonuses for only $24.97 by visiting the official website using this special link.

Important Things to Remember

While Cold Sore Free Forever definitely helps, you’d be better off taking steps to avoid herpes in the first place. Usually, you do not need to worry about spreading the infection when your herpes is not yet visible. Viral particles are present only when a blister is formed.

However, if you have already developed it, it is important to make sure that you do not infect others. This is what you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid kissing and any skin-to-skin contact while you are dealing with oral herpes.
  • Herpes remains contagious until it heals completely, so be sure to take appropriate measures to avoid infection.
  • Sharing straws, lipsticks, toothbrushes or any products that goes to the mouth should be avoided until your mouth sores have been cured completely.
  • Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying natural treatment to the sores. In order to prevent developing an infection to your other body parts as well, you must avoid touching other parts of your body after treating your cold sore.
  • Be sure not to tear off the scabs of cold sores. Although it is not easy since they usually sting a lot.
  • Use a lipstick or lip balm for protection, even when you have no outbreak. Do not use any lip balm that you may have used when you had an active cold sore.

While Cold Sore Free Forever definitely helps in many ways, you can get better results and accelerate the healing if you follow all of these advices above.

Cold Sore Free Forever Review

The fact that anti-viral chemical drugs are the only ones medical professionals have prescribed for years, it does NOT mean that it is the only thing that exists to combat herpes. Scientific evidence have shown that following the methods found inside Cold Sore Free Forever can help get rid of the symptoms and prevent it from coming back.

No pills, creams, ointments or medical procedures are required in order to get rid of these blisters permanently. These methods just require your patience, motivation and effort. Cold Sore Free Forever allows your body to heal itself and disturb the cycle of herpes virus in order to prevent outbreaks ever again.

Following a few simple steps will not only help you eliminate your cold sores, your health and quality of life will improve as well. Just use the information found in Cold Sore Free Forever and follow the same treatment that Derek Shepton have discovered, and be the next person to stop cold sore outbreaks for the rest of your life.

You can get your copy of Cold Sore Free Forever by visiting the official website.

Cold Sore Free Forever Download

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