Beauty Food Bible Review – Is It Really Effective?

Tracy Patterson’s Beauty Food Bible teaches you what to eat to make your face look beautiful from the inside out. It does not only make you look more beautiful but will make your body feel healthy as well. This book covers the different problems one can have with their skin, hair and nails, and what to do to improve it.

beauty food bible review

What is Beauty Food Bible?

Beauty Food Bible by Tracy Patterson is a comprehensive and detailed guidebook which provides a collection of natural foods and recipes that benefit various skin types and improving hair conditions. It is created for those who are look for alternative remedies for various skin conditions such as acne, dry skin and wrinkles. It shows you the kinds of foods and fruits to consume and apply to make your skin look better and suggestions on how to implement it on your everyday life.

This book teaches you what you need to know about the benefits of food to your skin. The principles found inside the book are very simple to follow. It includes topics such as how to improve beauty and health by the food we eat, and how to maintain the general outlook of the skin by using food ingredients.

The Beauty Food Bible PDF is full of easy recipes using everyday ingredients. These ingredients are all commonly available in the market. In addition to Beauty Food Bible Download, you will also get two bonus ebooks which are useful as a health alternative namely: Skincare Magic and Revitalizing Juice & Smoothies Recipes.


Who is Tracy Patterson?

Tracy Patterson is licensed nutritionist and aesthetician. She has now a thriving practice helping women with all sorts of skin issues. Tracy’s goal is to share with you the power of beauty foods to make yourself 20 years younger without using cosmetics or getting injections and surgery.

Tracy believes that you can reduce wrinkles, tighten and reduce damaged skin, cure adult acne without using chemicals, drugs and injections. She created Beauty Food Bible to be able to share with you what she knows about natural beauty and show you how to implement it in your everyday life.

How Does Beauty Food Bible Work?

beauty food bibleBeauty Food Bible will change the way you think about food and your skin. In this book, Tracy encourages you to eat the right food. You will get a detailed information about super foods which when included in your regular diet, will make your skin healthier and beautiful. Examples of super foods mentioned in the guide are celery, spinach and red kidney beans.

While this book discourages you to avoid some drinks that make your skin look and feel dry such as coffee, Tracy recommends an alternative to get yourself a caffeine fix. For instance, Tracy recommends drinking a certain type of green tea which is better than coffee. This green tea has tons of health benefits in a single cup and has the same effect as coffee to keep you up and going.

Beauty Food Bible isn’t all about eating and changing your diet. You will also learn how to create effective and cheap DIY masks using everyday ingredients. Two notable examples would be how to create an effective carrot or egg white mask for shrinking pores.

Besides the skin, you will also be taught how to fight hair loss, clear up dandruff, eliminate split ends, stop oily hair, cure dry and frizzy hair by making some dietary adjustments. You will be shown how to prepare simple and easy meals that provide the essential building blocks of healthy and luscious hair.

Beauty Food Bible Review – Recommendation

Everybody wants to see a glowing, radiant and youthful face. What you have here is a comprehensive and detailed guide in improving your overall health and beauty. If you are worried about using chemicals and harsh products on your skin and always on the lookout for natural solutions, I recommend you to check out Tracy Patterson’s Beauty Food Bible.

beauty food bible download