TestClear: Drug Testing Products That Can Help You Pass A Drug Test

Although some employers only require drug testing at the time of hiring, most large companies take steps to randomly test drugs against their current employees. The reason is that by requiring employees to undergo mandatory testing, these companies reduce sick leave and make the workplace safer for everyone involved.



If you use a drug such as marijuana, this drug may remain in your system for a month. As a result, many people at risk of randomized or regular testing change from marijuana to other drugs that can have more serious health effects.

With most drugs examined regularly, it only takes a few days to detox naturally. In this article, we will talk about one of the most reliable toxin cleansers in the market: TestClear.

What is TestClear?

TestClear has been helping people for the last 23 years pass the drug test for job pre-employment, military, supervised and random drug tests. This company provide testing solutions that can help men and women pass different types of drug tests such as urine, hair and saliva drug tests.

TestClear also offers drug testing kits in order for you to test yourself at the comfort of your own home. With TestClear products, you will realize that passing a drug test does not have to be difficult.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

The most common drug test done by employers is the urine test. This is because while this drug test is harder to use than a saliva test, it is more reliable and more difficult to cheat.

A drug test in the urine can detect many different drugs, but the most common drug that is detected is marijuana. This is because marijuana can still be detected in the urine for up to a full month after you last smoked.

Fortunately, TestClear provides many ways to avoid a positive urine test. A good product is the urine powder. If you get powdered urine, you get a just-add-water urine that is absolutely drug free. This product won’t fail because it is precisely the type of clean urine used to calibrate test machines.

However, this option can only be viable if you are going to do a drug test where you can go to a separate room to take a sample. If you have to go through a drug test in court or military, you may have to try something else.

TestClear also offers several detoxifying products that you can take orally. These work to release your body from any detectable drug, so you get a negative result from the urine test. However, this is slightly less reliable than using fake and clean urine, so if you can use products such as urine powder, you must do so.

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How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

The saliva test is a type of drug test that is gaining popularity. This is partly because the screening test does not require examiners to come into contact with other bodily fluids, such as blood or urine. Another important advantage of this test is that it is quick and easy to perform, since the sample is usually taken by simply taking a swab on the inside of the mouth.

Because the saliva test is the easiest type of test to perform, this type of test is commonly given on unexpected drug tests. If you are afraid that your employer might let you undergo this type of unexpected tests, the best option is probably to have an emergency plan in case you are asked to have a saliva test.

One of the best ways to pass a saliva drug test is to always bring with you a mouth cleansing agent. By cleaning saliva and making sure your salivary glands stop for about 30 to 40 minutes, this product can help eliminate any traces of drug in your mouth. In other words, since this type of drug test only detects substances in your saliva, if the saliva test has nothing to test, the test result will be negative.

The people who tried this method of overcoming a saliva test said it worked very well. Even if you think you have stopped taking drugs for the saliva test long enough, you may want to take a bottle of this solution with you.

TestClear Pass A Saliva Drug Test


How To Pass A Hair Drug Test

The drug test on the hair is harder to beat but easier to fight. Although it is still possible that the THC levels in your body decrease sufficiently to prevent being detected in a urine test after a few days, the drug test on hair is very different. Depending on the amount of hair used for the screening test, you can still get a positive test result for marijuana use for up to three years after the last time you smoked.

If you are trying to apply on a job that requires a drug test on your hair, this is a major problem for you. There are many things you can try if you know it was not so long ago that you last smoked.

First you have to cut the hair as short as possible. The more you cut your hair, the more likely you are to cut all the hair with a positive result for THC. In addition, you can buy a shampoo that can remove all THC and other drugs from your hair, which can prevent you from getting a positive result in a hair drug test.

Usually these types of shampoos are not specially designed to help you pass a hair drug test. However, they still work. It is important to ensure that you use a shampoo that removes contaminants from your hair. These types of shampoos will also work to remove some of the oils from your scalp.

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Drug Testing Kits

Well, if you are worried about getting a positive result for a drug, you can get test kits to test yourself and make sure it’s negative. This is very useful for marijuana, which has a wide range of time for THC to stay in your system.

If you have test kits for drugs, you can find out if there is enough time to pass the drug test.

TestClear offers many types of drug testing kits and you can test anything from methamphetamine to alcohol. You should try using the drug testing kit that will be used on you to make sure that the test result is not positive.

TestClear Drug Testing Kits


Final Thoughts

Whether you are a student or a businessman, you have probably already tried to find the answer on how to pass a drug test at some point in your life.

In this article, we have talked about how TestClear can help you get a negative result on urine, saliva and hair drug test. This company believes that drug testing is inherently flawed because it focuses on drug use rather than a man’s ability to work or perform.

If you discover in advance that a drug test will be done (for work, sports or parents), remember that TestClear products can help you do something. From quick detoxification to buying a drug-free urine, passing a drug test has never been this easy with TestClear drug testing products.