Teeth Whitening 4 You Reviews: Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth

Lucy Bennett’s Teeth Whitening 4 You is a step-by-step system on how to naturally make your teeth whiter and brighter from home in just a few weeks.

It is the exact guide that the author used to transform her own teeth and has been used by thousands of people around the world to achieve similar results.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

You are used to having white teeth, but now you have noticed that they turned yellowish or colored, and no matter how much you brush, your effort seems to be in vain.

It is important for you to know what may have caused the discoloration so that you can take steps to avoid it and prevent the deterioration of the condition.

Here are the most common causes of teeth discoloration:

  • Chromogenic foods – These are some drinks and foods that contain pigments that cause stains on the teeth and their dark tint. Examples of these are coffee, tea, red wine, blueberries, cherries and grenadelles, to name a few.
  • Tobacco products – Smoked or chewed, both are known to cause discoloration of teeth. These include cigarettes, pipes, cigars and even smokeless tobacco.
  • Aging – It is a factor that can not be prevented. The accumulation of stains and tartar can be a natural phenomenon when you age. Aging brings the wear of the enamel that protects the teeth, exposing a natural yellow color of the dentin, the layer under the enamel.
  • Drugs – Discoloration of teeth can be caused by drugs such as tetracycline and order doxycycline online. In addition, some antidepressants, antihypertensives and antihistamines may also cause discoloration of teeth.
  • High levels of fluoride – A high concentration of fluoride can also cause a spotted appearance on the teeth. High levels of fluoride may be present in drinking water or oral hygiene products such as mouthwashes and mouthwashes.
  • Poor dental hygiene – Insufficient brushing and flossing can also cause discoloration of teeth.

No one wants discolored teeth. Fortunately Teeth Whitening 4 You product give solutions available that effectively eliminate most stains and yellowing, which can be applied when you are in the comfort of your home.

For those who are interested learning about this product, continue reading our Teeth Whitening 4 You Reviews.

What is Teeth Whitening 4 You?

Teeth Whitening 4 You by Lucy Bennett is considered as one of the most comprehensive guides when it comes to natural teeth whitening at home.

It contains over 37 pages divided into 7 chapters, which discusses the benefits of having white teeth to the possible dangers of teeth whitening using non-natural techniques.

Teeth Whitening 4 You

Inside this program, you will also learn the most common commercial solutions for whiter teeth and preventive treatments that stop tooth staining in the first place.

Teeth Whitening 4 You PDF also contains:

  • 3 home remedies to prevent teeth discolouration
  • 6 all-natural treatments to whiten teeth in a few weeks
  • A 7-day all-natural teeth whitening schedule
  • and a simple step-by-step guide to ensure you get maximum results from all the homemade teeth whitening recipes.

Teeth Whitening 4 You Download also comes with 4 complimentary bonuses. These are:

  • Dental Care & Hygiene 4 You
  • Bad Breath No Longer
  • Lifetime Updates Guarantee
  • and Customer Support By Lucy.


Who is Lucy Bennett?

Lucy Bennett is a former dental nurse who has worked alongside with 6 different dental practitioners during her 17 years in the industry. She claims that she have seen more than 2,500 teeth whitening procedures first-hand and up-close.

Working as a dental nurse, she saw the most common side effects of Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide (chemicals which the dentists use for bleaching teeth) and she wasn’t much pleased about it.

She asserts that these bleaching agents cause prolonged teeth sensitivity, receding gums, mouth blistering, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and painful throbbing.

Looking for a cheap, safe and natural way to get permanent white teeth, Lucy contacted friends and ex-colleagues in the dental industry and spoke to several experts around the world to find out everything she could about natural teeth whitening procedures.

She became her own teeth whitening lab rat testing out numerous different ingredients and remedies for her own teeth.

After 12 months of trial and error, she discovered a small collection of remedies and ingredients that produced incredible whitening results on her teeth.

After testing the same ingredients to some of her friends and relatives, she has finally concluded that her system works and decided to share it to the world.

She wrote everything she knows about teeth whitening at home and how to whiten teeth fast in her book Teeth Whitening 4 You.

How Does Teeth Whitening 4 You Work?

Teeth Whitening 4 You ingredients are cheap and are mostly found in your kitchen or in any local grocery stores. Examples of these ingredients are bay leaves, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, hard wood ash, basil, margosa and sage.

You will be given homemade teeth whitening recipes that include these ingredients and you have to apply these procedures at a given schedule for best results.

natural teeth whitening

Apart from these natural teeth whitening techniques, you will also be given home remedies to help you avoid stained teeth from happening again.

These are preventive measures that you should follow in order to maintain the teeth that you’ve whitened for the past few weeks.

Teeth Whitening 4 You Reviews – Recommendation:

Discolored and yellowish teeth can be quite embarrassing and may affect your personal and work relationships. It’s a fact that everybody wants a beautiful, pearly white smile.

Some of you may have considered at some point in your lives getting a commercial teeth whitening procedure but have been put off by the high costs and potential dangers.

I know you have learned a lot from our Teeth Whitening 4 You Reviews and what you need is something that is effective, painless and cheap.

If you think you need to whiten your teeth but cannot afford having it professionally whitened, I suggest you to check out Lucy Bennett’s Teeth Whitening 4 You product.

It is a cheap and natural teeth whitening alternative which you can do at the comfort of your own home.

Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth