How to Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction Naturally In 6 Steps

I have received several queries in my mail asking me about: how to get rid of erectile dysfunction naturally? Although there are apparently dozens of different cures available to counteract erectile dysfunction, this condition may not require special medications or treatments.

How To Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Depending on the cause of the problem, it is possible that modifications to a man’s lifestyle are all that he needs to solve his erectile dysfunction problem. But how do you really get rid of ED naturally? This article will show you how.

How Does An Erection Occur?

You should know that when we are stimulated sexually, the brain is responsible for sending signals through the spinal cord, passed through the nerves, to the tissues that are part of the corpora cavernosa of the limb.

These sinusoidal spaces tend to open progressively, making the muscle of the penis relax and let a good amount of blood pass, causing an erection. When the blood has entered, the veins tend to compress to maintain this state.

6 Steps in Controlling an Erection

Fighting erectile dysfunction is not difficult. But I must warn you that it requires time and dedication, and remember that great things were never done from one day to another. While I am writing this blog, I refer to quick solutions. What I mean is, treatments of about 4 weeks.

If you want to know my source of how to get rid of erectile dysfunction naturally, you should read this guide: ED Reverser. This book helped a lot of men to put it hard as a rock.

Below I show you how to get rid of erectile dysfunction naturally in 6 steps:

  1. Determine your current health status

Many of us who have suffered this problem, have suffered from some adverse health condition that prevented us from improving our erections. It is vital that in your recovery road map, you establish the starting point. You should always be clear about the causes of erectile dysfunction, and how they are affecting you.

Curing ED goes through knowing what the current situation of your vascular health is. It could be that you suffer from high blood sugar levels, hypertension or any other condition that has caused damage to the arteries of your heart that is why the blood is not being distributed correctly.

  1. Perform cardio exercises

I know it sounds the same as always, but when it is always advised, it will be something, don’t you think? Cardio exercises allow you to change the rhythm of your heartbeat, which according to a study conducted by Harvard University, it reduces the risk of suffering ED by 42%.

This means that, by simply running, swimming, or going to the gym regularly, you can have up to 42% improvement with respect to your starting point. It’s simple, a good erection is synonymous with good circulation.

  1. How to get rid of erectile dysfunction naturally by taking care of the BMI

According to a study carried out in February 2014, at least 79% of men who are above their ideal weight, have cases of ED. This means that if your body mass index (BMI) is greater than or equal to 25 kg/m2 it is very likely that the cause of your problem is being overweight.

As you can see, fighting ED in man is sometimes as easy as having good habits in your daily life. If this is your case, make an effort to lose weight, avoid the consumption of processed foods, processed flours, or sugars. If you like sugary drinks, replace them with tea without sugar or water.

  1. Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Curing ED more than anything in young people happens to be the need to leave bad habits. If you have a tendency to suffer from poor circulation, and still smoke, you will only make the situation worse.

I refer to young people because it is much easier for them to change their learned habits than older men. However, tobacco has a negative impact on the circulatory system, no matter how old you are.

I understand that stopping smoking from one day to the next is often impossible, but you can reduce the dose every week, that will be better than smoking the current amount, don’t you think?

The same goes for alcohol, consuming moderately is not a problem. The problem is the excessive consumption of alcohol, which has a negative effect on erections.

  1. Exercise the pelvic muscle

Before starting, you must locate that muscle. To locate it, try to stop the flow of urine midway through emptying your bladder. You will notice that when you stop urinating, you are pressing a muscle that is between the anus and the testicles.


Once you have identified the pelvic muscle, you must press the muscle 8 times, rest a bit and come back again. Repeat the same thing 4 times. That is, in a day you must repeat 4 sets of 8 repetitions each. These are the famous Kegel exercises.

Having such a strong muscle will help you avoid having the blood removed from the limb once you have achieved an erection.

  1. Eliminate stress

Stress is one of the biggest culprits of ED. As you have read at the beginning of this article, the nervous system plays a fundamental role in processing the stimuli from outside and inside our body. Stress simply blocks the fluidity of these stimuli, causing ED.

It’s easy to say: it eliminates the stress of your life, but how to do it? It begins by organizing work tasks, establishing priority levels, or even determining which tasks are less important and can be postponed. This will help you give you a break.

Never sleep with electronic devices turned on around you. Turn them off one hour before sleep, this will help you sleep better, and release the accumulated stress while you respect the hours of sleep.

When you have the opportunity, take a deep breath of fresh air surrounded by nature. It is very important to do so to calm the anxiety.

And above all, when you are going to have sex, enjoy the moment! Leave worries aside. If you already established the order of priority of your tasks, you should not worry about that anymore.

How To Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

As you can see, erectile dysfunction depends solely on you. Start by completing these 6 steps on how to get rid of erectile dysfunction naturally, and you’ll see how your situation begins to change.

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