Ejaculation Guru: Jack Grave’s Secret To Lasting Longer In Bed

Ejaculation Guru is a guide compiled and written by Jack Grave, for men who wants to end premature ejaculation and experience a longer lasting sex.

It is a compilation of different techniques, both psychological and physical, that you can use in order to give your woman a satisfactory sex.

In this Ejaculation Guru Review, you will learn what Ejaculation Guru is all about, how it works, as well as its pros and cons.

What is Ejaculation Guru?

Ejaculation Guru is a comprehensive, all-natural premature ejaculation guide, created by Jack Grave. It is a guide compiled and written for men who wants to last longer in bed and experience a satisfactory sex.

It is a program that will show you what you should do before and during sex so that both you and your partner are satisfied even before you reach climax.

Ejaculation Guru PDF is composed of 93 pages of many different ways in which you can tackle premature ejaculation. This program includes a wide range of the different techniques that you can easily employ to help yourself last longer in the bedroom.

This eBook is structured in such a way that you don’t necessarily have to read it from start to finish. You can dip into different techniques if one appeals more to you than another.

Ejaculation Guru will also give you a cheat sheet containing tips for instant longer lasting sex. These are quick fix solutions and are however, not recommended if you really plan on mastering ejaculation control.

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What is Considered Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation owes its name to the act of ejaculating before your partner. It is known as the lack of control in ejaculation, which can happen before or shortly after sexual penetration. This happens with the minimum stimulation and before the person wants it.

Premature ejaculation can occur before, during or shortly after insertion of the penis. Some men ejaculate as soon as the couple gets naked or at the beginning of the previous games. These are the most extreme cases of premature ejaculation.

According to Psychology Today, sexual interaction should last about 7 minutes or longer. However, if the sexual intercourse last for about less than 2 minutes, the ejaculation is considered as premature.

Why Curing Premature Ejaculation is Important

Ejaculating prematurely is likely to be considered a problem if either party repeatedly remains in a state of dissatisfaction after having sex. For many men, the time that premature ejaculation occurs is a disappointing, humiliating, and disturbing experience.

Secret To Lasting Longer In Bed

Your own pleasure is probably overcome by the disappointment of ejaculating before your partner has reached orgasm. You can also experience feelings of guilt.

In many cases, premature ejaculation usually improves over time. However, if it continues to cause a lot of anxiety and the person does not feel comfortable with themselves, it is necessary to find a solution as soon as possible to help them with their situation.

Who is Jack Grave?

Jack Grave is a professional sex adviser and men’s health coach. For many years, he have been studying what it takes for a man to become a truly unforgettable lover.

And in that time, he have gone from being clueless in the bedroom to discovering the exact methods of giving a woman orgasms, so powerful that they blow their mind.

Over the years, he have gathered masses of knowledge in how to improve many different areas of our private lives and now like to teach the best of what he have learned. Everything that he has learned allowed him to teach thousands of men who are clueless or are having problems in the bedroom.

Today, Jack still continuously help people improving their sex lives by publishing more books related to sex, relationships and dating.

How Does Ejaculation Guru Work?

Jack Grave have split the techniques up into two main approaches:

  • Psychological
  • Physical.

Ejaculating prematurely happens when there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from ejaculating when you get aroused. By mastering the thought patterns in your head, you can regain control of your levels of arousal.

The aim of the psychological approach is to give you some new perspectives and techniques that will help you gain more control over your thought patterns.

Jack will teach you how to control over your thoughts will allow you to gain control over your levels of arousal and therefore also your ejaculation.

Physical approach, on the other hand, is the outer game of premature ejaculation control. Grave will give you a variety of different techniques that you can use to increase how long you last in the bedroom.

Jack Grave will also teach you what to do during sex in order to last much longer. There are a million different ways to have sex, and there are just a number of ways that help you last a very long time.

In this section, you will learn some unique approaches to sex that will help you last much longer even if you have not mastered the other principles in the guide.

The best way to apply the techniques found in Ejaculation Guru is to do them one at a time. Try out the technique and practice until you get it right and keep practicing until it becomes an unconscious habit.

Does It Really Work?

Ejaculation Guru has given you more tools than you will ever need to last longer in the bedroom. It’s only in the application of these principles that you will find great results.

Of the treatments for premature ejaculation that exist, this is undoubtedly the best technique to cure premature ejaculation. And I say cure because it really solves the problem. As you learn more about your body, you can control your ejaculation in a very simple way.

If you follow this method, you should be able to take control of yourself, which will take a while to show significant and lasting results (between 30 and 60 days). In return, the effects are much more lasting, in many cases permanent.

Also, since it has no side effects, anyone can use it. As if that were not enough, some of the techniques work from the first day. Most men who use this treatment for their premature ejaculation are satisfied and manage to control their ejaculation forever.

Patience is a virtue as you as try out the methods found in this eBook. The final result is well worth it. So to answer your question Does Ejaculation Guru really work? My answer would be YES.

What You Will Get

Ejaculation Guru PDF
  • Ejaculation Guru – this is the main guide that we have been talking about in this Ejaculation Guru Review.
  • Last Longer During Foreplay – A lot of ideas in the Ejaculation Guru eBook about how to last longer in bed during sex can be used to last longer during foreplay, especially some of the more psychological stuff. Here you will find some things that apply specifically to foreplay that you have to know if you want to enjoy long lasting and fulfilling foreplay.
  • Multiple Orgasm Oral Sex Guide – In this guide, you will learn all about how to master oral sex. Mastering oral sex comes a lot of benefits. With this guide, you will be able to learn the techniques on how to give your woman a pleasure that she will be always looking for.
  • Sex She’ll Go Wild For – This is a guide written by his buddy and sex expert Lloyd Lester, who will show you 101 awesome sex tips that will help double your woman’s pleasure.

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy To Understand

Ejaculation Guru was created in such a way that any man can understand what Jack is talking about. He explains each and every detail he mentions in the guide so you will not get lost and just focus on the methods that he teaches.

  • Cheaper Alternative

Unlike pills or creams, Ejaculation Guru is a cheaper alternative because it is just a one-time investment. In addition to that, you are not required to purchase any pills or creams inside his course because all his methods only require patience, commitment and effort.

  • Great Bonuses

Unlike other products which offer bonuses that are not related to their main product, Jack has carefully chosen eBook bonuses which are related to his guide. These guides provide great value in improving your sex life, and are useful as well in your ejaculation control journey.

  • Free Customer Support

Jack offers a free customer support for those who have questions about his guide. All you have to do is send him an e-mail and he will try his best to answer your questions as soon as possible.

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Jack Grave offers a 60-day money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with his eBook. If in any case you think this guide did not help you, you can get a full refund, just send him an email.


  • Requires Effort and Patience

Mastering the techniques found in the guide requires effort and patience. This is not an overnight remedy which will cure your premature ejaculation today and return your condition back to normal the next day. This is a method which requires practice, but the results are for lifetime.

  • Only Available in PDF Format

You will not get any physical products when you order the Ejaculation Guru program. It is in eBook format which you can read using Adobe Reader, and you can optionally print them out if you want a physical copy of the guide.

Is Ejaculation Guru a Scam?

This eBook works and I guarantee that if you whole-heartedly follow the steps discussed by Jack Grave, you will get the results you want.

Ejaculation Guru has helped thousands of men permanently get rid of their premature ejaculation problem and continuously get positive testimonials until today. So, to answer your question, Ejaculation Guru is NOT a scam.

Alternative Treatments To Premature Ejaculation

First of all, it is important that you understand all your treatment options to cure your premature ejaculation. There are many products on the market such as sprays, creams, gels, pills and the like. These are the other alternatives that help prevent your premature ejaculation:


Sprays such as VigRX Plus Delay Spray can help control ejaculation by desensitizing the penis. Excess sensitivity is one of the biggest causes of premature ejaculation.

When diminishing the sensations that are had during the sexual relations, it is possible that the person lasts longer before ejaculating. This is a good alternative to Ejaculation Guru if you want quick but not long term results.

You can learn more about VigRX Plus Delay Spray here.

Creams or Gel

Creams or Gel such as ProSolution Gel work in the same way as the sprays to treat this ejaculation problem. In my opinion, this can be used in conjunction with Ejaculation Guru, especially when you do the exercises.

You can learn more about it here.


There are also several types of pills to avoid ejaculating prematurely such as ProSolution Plus. It works by improving the blood flow during an erection, improving orgasms and aiding the control of ejaculating very quickly.

You can learn more about ProSolution Plus here.

Ejaculation Guru Review

Every man who suffers from premature ejaculation regrets not being able to satisfy a woman, and that greatly affects their self-esteem.

Learning how to last longer in bed is only one of the crucial skills you need to be recognized as an exceptional lover and give your woman an incredible pleasure. There are more other skills to learn.

When you have control of your ejaculation, it unlocks a whole new world of confidence and fun in the bedroom. Jack Grave has given you a whole complete guide on controlling premature ejaculation naturally and permanently.

If you hate sprays, gels, pills and creams, I highly recommend you to check out Ejaculation Guru by Jack Grave.

Ejaculation Guru PDF
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