Controlling Premature Ejaculation with Food, Exercise and Pills

Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Controlling premature ejaculation is a problem that affects more than 40% of the world population and only 15% of them go to the doctor. This is a topic that many men prefer simply not to talk about, and although it is a sexual disorder that directly affects man, it is a problem of two.

For some, it is a real tragedy because it can represent a threat to the future of sexual life. If you feel that you are not fully prepared to take medical care, you can control this situation by your own means through learning the different ways in controlling premature ejaculation.

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Premature Ejaculation Treatment

It is considered that the man presents premature ejaculation (PE) when the ejaculation cannot be controlled and happens before the penetration or just after that. PE can be controlled with the use of some techniques and exercises, but in some cases it may even be necessary to use medications or perform psychotherapy.

The treatment for premature ejaculation will depend on the severity of the case. If techniques such as exercises and natural remedies won’t be effective, therapies will be started, whose objective is to modify the sexual techniques. This requires the participation of the couple to be effective.

The main causes of this problem are of a psychological nature, although in some cases it can also be a consequence of some physical disorder. If the psychological therapy does not obtain the desired results, then pharmacological treatment will have to take its place.

Methods for Controlling Premature Ejaculation

If you are not yet comfortable in getting medical care, there are other methods for controlling premature ejaculation that you can do on your own. If you do things the right way, you can get rid of PE in just a few months and enjoy your intimate life with total normality.

The methods that you can do at home for controlling premature ejaculation includes:

  1. Natural Remedies
  2. Natural Premature Ejaculation Pills
  3. Foods or The Right Diet
  4. Exercises
  5. Sexual positions, condoms, creams and a lot more tips.

We will discuss these methods in controlling premature ejaculation one by one below.

Natural Remedies for Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Natural Remedies for Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Studies have shown that you can use natural remedies for controlling premature ejaculation. Among these natural remedies are herbs and infusions that help to relax and have greater control over ejaculation. Here are some examples:

  • Chuang Zi: This aphrodisiac from China causes the muscles of the penis to relax, allowing the blood to flow better. This allows the man to maintain a firmer erection for much longer.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: This plant helps increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. When you start consuming this natural herb, you will see an improvement in your sexual performance. Ginkgo Biloba helps in sexual resistance by giving vitality, memory and mental clarity, which allows you to be focused on sex and will strongly maintain the blood flow to the penis.
  • Manzanilla: The infusion of this plant gives a relaxing action which will considerably reduce your levels of anxiety and stress.
  • Tilo or Tila: This works as a sedative and is very useful to control ejaculation. This plant relaxes you, controls your anxiety and helps you last much longer in bed.
  • Ginseng: Called by Asians as the elixir of life, Ginseng increases libido and helps delay ejaculation. This herb is commonly found in teas, supplements or creams.
  • Avena: Oats are very rich in fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. All of these greatly benefits the nervous system by decreasing anxiety.
  • Clove: This plant is rich in omega 3, magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamin K and V. It is excellent for releasing stresses of the body offering a state of tranquility, which is ideal in controlling premature ejaculation.

Best Premature Ejaculation Pills

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Foods To Cure Premature Ejaculation

When the words “food” and “sexuality” are found in a single sentence, it is likely that the image of a plate of oysters, strawberries, chocolates and other aphrodisiac foods comes to mind. But going a little further, we can see that everything is about the hormonal state and how it changes when we eat correctly.

In short, in addition to benefiting the production of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, eating well will help you to better control ejaculation and last much longer in sex. Here are some examples of foods that help with premature ejaculation:

Foods To Cure Premature Ejaculation
  • Oats: Oatmeal is a food that allows you to control premature ejaculation, since it reduces anxiety and thus helps you concentrate on retaining ejaculation. It also has tryptophan, which is essential for our body to synthesize serotonin.
  • Chamomile: Chamomile, at the level of the body, can be used both internally and externally. Use it in infusions if you want to apply it internally. If you want, you can also bathe using chamomile, as it will also relax you no matter how anxious you are.
  • Passion flower: Passion flower is used in infusions, although it is also found in drops to stir in a glass of water. You can take it every day and, thus, you will be prepared for any occasion.
  • Banana: The power of this fruit to treat premature ejaculation relies on its ability to increase the production of testosterone and increase blood circulation.
  • Watermelon: It has lycopene and beta-carotene, which are both ideal compounds to have an efficient sexual performance. It also has citrulline, an amino acid that works as a vasodilator, which helps to maintain better erections for a longer time.
  • Kiwi: Its antioxidants fight free radicals, which greatly influence premature ejaculation.
  • Guava: Another great fruit that helps in controlling premature ejaculation because it has a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A.
  • Avocado: It is known to have enough zinc to treat premature ejaculation.

Exercise for Premature Ejaculation

One of the most effective way in controlling premature ejaculation is to perform a series of exercises that help delay the climax. The exercises that we will show you below help control the body and mind to control the moment you want to ejaculate. To obtain results, it is very important to be regular in its execution.

Here are the most effective exercises for premature ejaculation:

  1. Masturbation

One of the best exercises for controlling premature ejaculation is to learn to identify the pleasure you feel before reaching the climax. With this, you will know much better the moment in which you are going to produce ejaculation and you can stop the feeling in advance.

  • Start masturbating, but staying focused only on the pleasure and not on the fact of wanting to control ejaculation.
  • Before reaching the climax, stop masturbation and tighten the area under the glans firmly with the thumb and forefinger.
  • Relax a few seconds.
  • When the need to ejaculate is reduced, resume masturbation.
  1. Breathing exercise

When the time of the climax approaches, the heart rate increases and the breathing accelerates. If over excitation produces premature ejaculation, it is logical to think that relaxation will help prevent it from occurring without any kind of control. Learning to control breathing is also a good way to decrease the pulse and get to control the ejaculation.

All you have to do is to learn to breathe deeply in a relaxed manner, exhaling through the nose for 3 seconds and inhaling through the mouth for 3 long seconds as well.

  1. Kegel exercise

Exercising the pubococcygeal or pelvic muscles using the Kegel technique helps strengthen that area and control ejaculation more easily. Here are the things that you should do:

Exercise For Premature Ejaculation
  • Identify these muscles. It is best that during urination, try to stop the flow of urine. The pubococcygeal muscles are the only ones that allow this to be done.
  • Once identified, Kegel exercise should be done by contracting these muscles for a few seconds and then relaxing again.
  • You can do about 20 repetitions several times a day.
  1. Exercise during penetration

Pressing the perineum hard when you feel the need to ejaculate can help a lot in controlling premature ejaculation. Perineum is the area between the testicles and the anus. (Please see picture below.)

This exercise can be done with the help of the couple during sex. Thus, when the man feels that he is going to ejaculate, the woman must forcefully press the perineum of her partner to avoid ejaculation.

It is important that the area is pressed and that it is not massaged. If not, then the opposite effect could occur and increase the pleasurable sensations of man.

The exercises just mentioned above can be practiced simultaneously. It is not necessary to choose between one and the other.

More Tips on Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Aside from the methods in controlling premature ejaculation mentioned above, here are more tips to last longer in bed:

  • Change sexual position. Among the best sexual positions to delay ejaculation, are spoon, jellyfish or fusion.
  • Use a condom with a delaying action during intercourse.
  • Masturbate before starting penetration.
  • Interleave the penetration with oral or manual stimulation during sexual intercourse.
  • Apply a retardant cream that helps delay the moment of orgasm in the virile member.

Final Words in Controlling Premature Ejaculation

If premature ejaculation is a condition that occurs in a timely manner, it is not a sign of alarm. However, when it results in a repetitive and prolonged condition over time, it is very important to put yourself in the hands of a therapist.

One of the things that will help make the exercises really effective is to have sex regularly. Eating a healthy diet and taking natural PE supplements can also help when it comes to controlling premature ejaculation. With an appropriate diet and proper supplementation, the body and mind will behave normally, which includes reactions to sexual stimuli.

As you can see, there are thousands of natural alternatives in controlling premature ejaculation. All you have to do is to take action and put these methods for controlling premature ejaculation into practice.

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